Sensor & Positioning Cylinders

These cylinders employ an electronic position sensor to give an electrical output which can be used to accurately determine the rod position. The sensor is built into the cylinder body and immersed in the hydraulic oil which provides some shock absorption allowing these sensor cylinders to be used without any problem in mobile applications.

Below, you can review technical details from specifications to technical drawings and photographs.

Burnside Eurocyle Ltd is an Integration Partner for MTS Sensors. This close cooperation with the leadering sensor supplier ensures our cylinders use the most up-to-date modern technology.

Linear, absolute measurement
‐ Contactless sensing for high durability
‐ Minimum dimensions for compact cylinders
‐ Superior accuracy: linear tolerance better than 0.2mm
‐ Repeatability +/‐0.5mm
‐ Analogue/CAN output current and voltage
‐ Power supply 12/24 VDC
‐ EMC: immunity against electromagnetic HF‐fields up to 200 V/m
‐ IEC 68‐2‐6
‐ Shock rating: 100g (single hit)/IEC 68‐2‐27